Friday, October 22, 2010


I was born around the 1980's..since the beginning of my mother pregnancy my mother stayed away from my father until I was 2 years old..perhaps in terms of distance caused my mother to stay away from my father I..that time  I dont know about anything..not much thing i can remember..I was a child at that time..

Childhood is not something that is fun for me..I lack the attention from my mother .. because my mom worked for my livelihood and other siblings .. yeah .. I have a despotic father .. who will be quick to anger when I make mistakes .. I think he was never to pay attention to me..

When I was 4-6 years old a lot of things that I do not understand..things that often makes me feel isolated .. that time I am only a child!!! Will the world understand???

I ignored and despised by my aunt because I am a daughter of a gambler..while gambling is his own aunt told his children in front of me, do not make friends with me because my father is BAD..I feel very sad at that mother also hated by them..


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